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Mason & Hamlin Piano Factory Tour 2017!
Friday September 8th - 9:00 a.m. start

The tour day is almost here!
Even if you already signed up you should keep checking the
Tour Details 
  for updates. If you haven't signed up yet, we have a couple of openings. The tour will start at 9:00 a.m. sharp, please don't be late. Wear comfortable shoes (NO open toes, no sandals) and no loose clothing, it is a working factory.
Sign Up Form Here

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Concerts, Competitions & Recitals

The Frederick Collection of Historical Pianos - Fall Concert Season
This will be the 33rd Fall Season of Historical Piano concerts from the good folks at the Frederick Piano Collection.
Sunday Sept. 3rd - Amira Acre / piano by Trondlin, Leipzig (circa 1830)
Sunday Sept. 10th - Elaine Greenfield (piano by Erard, Paris (1893)
Suinday Sept. 17th - Gail Olszewski (piano by Bluthner, Leipzig (1877)
Sunday Sept. 24th - Duo Deja Vu / Rebecca Hartka - cello , Barbara Lysakowski - piano (piano by Erard, Paris (1840)
Sunday Oct. 1 - Jerilyn Jorgensen - violin, Cullan Bryant - piano (piano by katholnig, Vienna circa 1805-1810)
Sunday Oct 8th - Ignacy Gaydamovich - cello, Jiayan Sun - piano (piano by Strieicher, Vienna 1871)

Additional details

Details Here

Petr Feuchtwanger masterclass,  This year's will be held in Waldkirch, Germany Details Here

Manolov International Competition for Piano - Violin NY 2018
Our Mission is:

To help and nurture young talent to reach the next step in their professional development and to recognize musical mastery. To sponsor and create musical opportunities for classical musicians of any nationality.

Prizes include:
Cash Award Prizes, Special Cash Prizes, Scholarships, Competition Tuition, Master Class participation, Festival admissions, Future Concert Engagements, Certificates, Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals Details Here


If you know about an upcoming Competition, Concert, Recital, or Workshop... Please Post About It Here

Piano Parties, Tours, and Cruises  Go Here

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Interesting Piano & Keyboard Stuff

Water Damaged Pianos?
A thread was started on our forums about pianos damaged by water.
With the storms hitting Texas and Louisiana this is an important question. Unfortunately there are likely to be quite a few pianos damaged by the flooding.
We sincerely hope our members,friends,family are safe and ok.
The discussion about Water Damaged Pianos can be found here

Latency in Software Driven Pianos?
From member   Raphalation   " Can anyone tell me if latency is really higher with software pianos, and if there is a way of reducing it to digital piano levels (e.g. using a sound card)? " Post Details Here

Did You Recently Get a New Piano?
(not necessarily brand new, just new to you).
We'd love to see pictures and hear the story. In fact we have a sub-forum just for that purpose.

Why Do You Play the Piano?
An interesting question, one which has generated a lot of different answers. It seems the desire to play the piano can come from many different sources. Read the posts, some are short and sweet, others are fairly long (but interesting) stories. And feel free to add your own.
Why Do You Play the Piano? Click here for the thread.

Pianos In Public Spaces
We've been collecting locations of pianos that are available to the public to play, as well as venues that feature piano. The plan is to organize and map the collection. In the meantime, check it out and please add to the lists if you can.
Live Piano Music Venues & Public Spaces - Where Are They?

Midi to Midi Cable Wiring (in our Digital Piano Forums)
Member EVC2010 posts " Where do I find a reliable source of wiring diagram for a MIDI-MIDI cable? Specifically, how is the shielding connected? "       Posted Answers Are Here

Gibson in Trouble, What Does it Mean for Baldwin?
Post in our piano forums  Gibson Baldwin Thread Here

Are You In the Piano Business?

If your business involves pianos, digital pianos, keyboards, or synths...
Show Us Your Piano Room!
There is a long running thread on our piano forums where members have been posting pictures of their piano rooms. Piano room is all encompassing, so if you have a digital piano, keyboards, acoustic piano(s), anything like that qualifies.

The thread is 37 pages long right now. Feel free to add your own, but PLEASE be sure to upload your picture(s) to our servers. Too many times we find other services drop the pictures leaving a blank place where the were.
Show Us Your Piano Room - click here
Digital Pianos - Keyboards - Synthesizers

Did you know we have a forum dedicated to digital pianos, keyboards, and synthesizers? +
That's right, a special forum for non-acoustic pianos and keyboards. There are over 280,000 posts in this dedicated forum.

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